I provide outpatient therapy to adults 18 years and older, specializing in women's issues.  I help people who are struggling with loss, life transitions,  relationship difficulties, communication issues, or just feeling stuck in their lives.  I specialize in working with adult women, but have experience with male clients suffering from the same concerns. Additional areas of specialty are depression, anxiety and perinatal issues. 


  Treatment is 50-55 minutes in length and once per week, as schedules allow.  Consistent attendance is a critical factor in experiencing progress.  When you are beginning therapy, you will be asked questions and expected to answer honestly as best you can.  Some clients who start treatment are in deep pain and very overwhelmed.  Rest assured that I will walk with you at your unique pace, and we will frequently discuss how you are experiencing our time together.

At the heart of therapy is a relationship where the therapist and client are working together to think about problems and help the client learn to solve them. There is no magic involved, and it can feel like hard work at times. The process is always a collaborative one, requiring active participation on the part of the client.    


          *Outpatient therapy cannot meet the needs of an actively suicidal or homicidal person. Someone who is seriously considering harming themselves or others must have more intervention than a once a week therapy can provide.  If you or someone you know is feeling this way, the safest and only appropriate action is to contact your local ER or 911, where you will be directed to a higher level of care that is equipped for emergent situations. 


 It can be helpful to get a sense of the therapist you are considering.  I offer a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation where we can discuss your needs and if I would be a good fit.   To schedule this, reach out to me at